6 things you should know about EWB-MN


We have many different skill-sets

Our members come from a range of  engineering disciplines and also from other fields of work. We welcome all individuals–engineers or otherwise–who can help contribute to our mission as an organization!

We've sponsored projects on four continents

Since our start as a Chapter, we’ve mentored the University of Minnesota EWB Student Chapter on projects spanning the globe. We continue to support the U of M students as we develop our own Chapter projects.

We've focused on water supply issues

Ensuring that all people have access to clean water is one of the world’s biggest challenges. Historically, our Chapter has focused on water distribution and supply projects, driven by need and our members’ expertise.

Our Chapter is growing

In addition to water issues, EWB projects address a wide range of needs: sanitation, civil works, structures, energy, agriculture and information systems. We’re currently exploring a range of project options and as our membership grows, so does our potential for implementing a variety of sustainable engineering solutions in many different communities!


We're passionate about positive change

We are all volunteers and we all want to be part of the effort to solve some of the toughest issues faced by communities around the globe. Check out our Get Involved page to see how you can join us!


We want to meet you!

We meet as a Chapter once a month. These are friendly gatherings that offer a great opportunity to learn about EWB and network with other engineers in the Twin Cities. We also occasionally tour engineering facilities or host a professional engineer to share career insights.


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