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Projects Completed

Between the Professional Chapter and the University of Minnesota Student Chapter, a total of 9 projects have been completed, as well as 2 programs. Five projects have been completed in the Uganda Program, with a current project in progress. The Ghana and Honduras Programs include one completed project each. The Guatemala Program has completed 2 projects, with a third in the design phase.


Countries Impacted

Since becoming a chapter in 2005, EWB-USA MN has worked with communities to implement projects in 4 countries, across 2 continents. As the Chapter continues to expand, so will the reach of our impact.


Active Projects

The Minnesota Professional Chapter is currently mentoring several projects for the University of Minnesota Student Chapter, including a water distribution system in Bolivia, a coffee farming project in Guatemala, and a water, health, and sanitation project in Uganda.


Types of Projects

The scope of projects conducted by EWB-USA includes a diverse range from construction of a bridge to the implementation of water filtration systems.

Only technologies that are determined to be a solution for a community’s identified need are implemented. Both the chapter and the community provide equal input in the project process especially including implementation. The community must have the financial, technical, labor, and material resources available to operate and maintain the installed facilities without outside assistance to ensure the sustainability of the project by the community in the long-term.

The Minnesota Professional Chapter has historically focused on water projects, although due to membership interests and experience, the chapter is willing and open to expanding to other project types.

These seven project types aim to holistically address the breadth of a community’s needs:

Water            Sanitation            Civil            Structural            Energy            Agriculture            Information Systems

Many of the past projects initiated by the University of Minnesota Student Chapter and the Minnesota Professional Chapter have turned into ‘programs’ where the first project allows the Chapter to identify and address additional needs in the same locale once ties between the chapter, community members, and local non-governmental organizations are established.

Measures of Impact

The overarching goal is that the community’s identified need aligns with the project outcome, and that all members of the partner community will have an improved quality of life post implementation. To ensure this goal is met, we continually measure our impact on the community both before, during, and after a project is complete.


Prior to initiating a new project, an understanding of the baseline situation of the partner community is established so that a plan can be determined to ensure long-term sustainability.


By using the baseline situation of the community and consistent parameters, the EWB chapter is to monitor the program’s impact on the community both before, during, and after the completion of the project.


For at least one year after construction is complete, the chapter will evaluate both technical functionality of the project as well as what roll the project played in reaching the community’s overall objectives. EWB-USA will conduct periodic reviews after the chapter completes a program.


The main goal in measuring the impact of projects is to learn from our experiences to improve our impact on community development and overall project sustainability on future endeavors.

More information about EWB-USA’s Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (PMEL) Program can be found here.

Project Locations

El Salvador Project

New Project Adoption In El Salvador

The Professional Chapter has adopted a new project from one of the local student chapters. This project involves modifying an existing system to provide 24-hour water service to Santa Rosa Senca a mountaintop community of 1,200. For more details please contact Sam Stoffels at Stoffels88@gmail.com

Professional Project Opportunity in Honduras!

We have recently been accepted to work on a project in Honduras! The project is a water distribution and source project for the community of Milla Tres in the Honduran Department of Cortes. To learn more, check out the Milla Tres project page! If you have interest in being involved, please contact Kellen O’Brien at kobrien@ewb-mn.org.



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