Completed Projects

Engineers Without Borders makes a 5 year post-implementation commitment for each project they work on. This 5 year commitment ensures that the designed project is sustainable and being maintained by the partner community. Although a project may not be active in the design phase, chapter members are required to travel to the country and assess the project after 5 years to fulfill this commitment.

The Minnesota (MN) Professional and University of Minnesota Student (UMN) Chapters both have projects within this phase. The UMN Student Chapter has projects completed as early as 2008, and these projects are no longer active as the 5 year assessment has been completed.

More often than not, a project in one community may lead to a second project in the same community, or a project in a nearby community. Because of this, projects are often grouped into a Program, such as the Uganda Program that is currently active in the UMN Student Chapter.

Professional Chapter Projects

The Professional Chapter has completed one project with the help of the EWB-UMN Student Chapter.

Sulaco, Honduras

Water Distribution

The EWB-Minnesota Professional chapter first began working in the community in 2008, and two assessment trips were completed in June of 2009, and January of 2010. The EWB-Student Chapter joined the project in April of 2010. The water distribution design was completed in 2013, and then handed off to the community to construct due to the large size of the project.

University of Minnesota Chapter Projects

The University of Minnesota Chapter has completed a total of 9 projects, and 1 project (found above) where they were teamed up with the Professional Chapter. Several of these completed projects are grouped within the same programs. The Uganda Program includes 5 completed projects and the Guatemala Program includes 2 completed projects. Some of these projects are still within the 5-year post implementation phase.

For more information visit the EWB-UMN Chapter website.

Agon-Swedru, Ghana

Water Supply and Sanitation

This project was designed in 2006-2007, and implemented in July, 2007.

Simajuleu, Guatemala

Water Distribution System

The first assessment trip for this project took place in January of 2008. The water system was designed and constructed in 2009.

Comalapa, Guatemala

Water Distribution System

EWB-UMN first traveled to Comalapa in March of 2006. The design was completed in January of 2007 by a group of 8 students and 4 professional members, as well as help from the community.

Minnesota State University, Mankato Projects

The Minnesota State University, Mankato Engineers without Borders chapter does not have any completed projects.

For more information about the chapter, visit the Minnesota State, Mankato Chapter website.