Current Projects

The Minnesota Professional Chapter of Engineers without Borders provides support for many active projects across the state. These projects include those headed by the Professional Chapter itself, as well as student lead projects from local universities. The University of Minnesota and Minnesota State, Mankato are two of these colleges where the professional chapter currently holds ties. The professional members support the student chapters through mentor-ship and guidance over the course of their projects.

Professional Chapter Projects

We have recently been accepted to work on a project in Honduras! The project is a water distribution and source project for the community of Milla Tres in the Honduran Department of Cortes. To learn more, check out the Milla Tres project page! If you have interest in being involved, please contact Kellen O’Brien at

Milla Tres, Honduras

Water Distribution System


Milla Tres is one of three small communities situated along the Carribean coast in the Northwestern portion of Honduras, near the Guatemalan border.  The population of the communities totals around 1000 people, who have little access to clean drinking water. Recently, the municipality has made an effort to implement a dam that was designed by the EWB-CCNY,  which could provide enough water to last the community for 25 years of population growth. EWB-MN Professionals will travel to Milla Tres in November of 2016 to assess the need and the ability of the community to construct a water distribution system to utilize this dam.


University of Minnesota Chapter Projects

The University of Minnesota Chapter has 3 current projects in Bolivia, Guatemala, and Uganda, as seen below. The chapter has received many awards for the work they’ve completed since the initiation of the chapter in 2005, including most recently, the 2015 Premier Chapter Award, by EWB-USA for the outstanding work they’ve done.

For more information visit the University of Minnesota Chapter website.

Yulo, Bolivia

Water Supply Assessment


Yulo is a small community of approximately 60 residents, located in south-central Bolivia. The community is composed mostly of subsistence farmers, growing a variety of crops, including corn, potato, barley, and peaches. These crops are irrigated by the Juckach River which is heavily contaminated by nearby mines that have been abandoned. The EWB-UMN group is currently in the assessment phase of their project which is to assess the water supply and cleanliness for the agricultural community of Yulo.

Xiquin Sanahi, Guatemala

Water Distribution System


Xiquin Sanahi is a small agricultural-based community of approximately 125 families, located in the mountainous region of central Guatemala. The existing water supply system is a three-kilometer pipe that connects a spring to a central water storage tank; however, the pipe is over 40 years old, and required constant maintenance for the community to receive water. Due to the poor condition of the system, someone from each family must spend hours a day making trips to the tank to provide enough water for the household. The time spent transporting water negatively impacts youth education and household income.


Kalisizo Coffee Seedling Nursery

This project marks the start of Phase IV in the Uganda Program. EWB-USA UMN has been working in Uganda since the beginning of 2007, and has so far completed a total of 5 projects. The Uganda team is currently working in the community of Kalisizo where they are currently designing a rainwater harvesting system for a coffee nursery.

Minnesota State University, Mankato Chapter Projects

The Minnesota State University, Mankato Engineers without Borders chapter currently has one active project in El Salvador.

For more information about the chapter, visit the Minnesota State University, Mankato Chapter website.

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