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Milla Tres, Honduras


Water Resource/Supply


Milla Tres is one of three small communities situated along the Carribean coast in the Northwestern portion of Honduras, near the Guatemalan border.  The population of the communities totals around 1000 people, who have little access to clean drinking water. Recently, the municipality has made an effort to implement a dam that was designed by the EWB-CCNY,  which could provide enough water to last the community for 25 years of population growth. EWB-MN Professionals traveled to Milla Tres in November of 2016 to assess the need and the ability of the community to construct a water distribution system to utilize this dam.


EWB-MN traveled on an assessment trip in November of 2016. Design of a new water-system has begun, and the team’s goal is to construct the new water system in August or September 2017.

Click here to see the team’s full report from the November Assessment trip.

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