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Xiquin Sanahi, Guatemala


Water Distribution


Xiquin Sanahi is a small agricultural-based community of approximately 125 families, located in the mountainous region of central Guatemala. The existing water supply system is a three-kilometer pipe that connects a spring to a central water storage tank; however, the pipe is over 40 years old, and required constant maintenance for the community to receive water. Due to the poor condition of the system, someone from each family must spend hours a day making trips to the tank to provide enough water for the household. The time spent transporting water negatively impacts youth education and household income.

Phase One of this project (currently active) is to design a pump, and a new main supply pipe and storage tank.

Phase Two of the project will be designing a solution to provide yearlong access to clean, running water to every household in the community.


The first assessment trip was taken in Spring 2014. The chapter is currently in the design development phase and is working on determining a solution based on the various technical and community survey data collected during the assessment trip. The plan is to implement Phase One of the project in Summer 2015. Upon the completion of the main supply line and pump, Phase Two of the project will be the group focus.

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Ramp Pump Meeting | 2015 Spring Semester

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Mentor Expertise Areas Requested:

Water Supply and Distribution

Gravity Distribution Systems

Pumping and Hydraulics

Structural Analysis of Existing Concrete Structures

Controls for Pumping

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