Bolivia: Water Supply Assessment

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Yulo, Bolivia


Water Supply Assessment


Yulo is a small community of approximately 60 residents, located in south-central Bolivia. The community is composed mostly of subsistence farmers, growing a variety of crops, including corn, potato, barley, and peaches. These crops are irrigated by the Juckach River which is heavily contaminated by nearby mines that have been abandoned. The EWB-UMN group is currently in the assessment phase of their project which is to assess the water supply and cleanliness for the agricultural community of Yulo.


The Yulo group is currently in the assessment phase of the project. The first assessment trip was taken in January of 2015, and a second trip to obtain needed survey and gather information is being planned for summer 2015.

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General Meeting | 2015 Spring Semester

Thursdays, 7:30-8:30pm

Science Teaching & Student Services (STSS) Building, University of Minnesota, Room 512-B

Mentor Expertise Areas Requested:

  • Water Supply and Distribution
  • Gravity Distribution Systems
  • Piping and Materials
  • Water Quality
  • Civil/Construction Support

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