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EWB-MN 6th ANNUAL BEER and wine fundraiser

Friday, March 13th - 5:30-8:30pm

HGA – 420 5th St N, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Event includes appetizers, beer and wine tasting, a silent auction, and a special improv comedy performance!


$10 Professionals

$5 Students

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Santa Rosa, Peru


This is the newest project with EWB-MN. This project is focused in the Pasco region in Peru. The community currently has access to a few streams and water sources, but no access to clean water. The goal of the project is to establish a clean water source that is accessible through the wet and dry season. The team traveled on their first assessment trip in September 2019.

Quiche, Guatemala


This project is located in the Quiche region in Guatemala. The community goal involves tearing down and old school deemed unsafe and inadequate for the community and building a new one. The EWB-MN team has just returned from their assessment trip in March 2019.

Santa Rosa, El Salvador


This project is located in the Santa Ana region in El Salvador. The community consists mostly of hard-worked farmers. The current gravity-fed water distribution system that serves the community often succumbs to high pressures and malfunctions often. The EWB-MN chapter designed a solution involving pressure reduction valves (PRVs) to alleviate the pressure. These valves were shipped with engineering plans to the community and installed by plumbers in the fall of 2018.

Milla Tres, Honduras


This EWB-MN Water project is located in the coastal community of Milla Tres, Honduras. The goal of the project is to bring water to  a portion of their community that currently does not have a continuous water supply. The system has been designed over the course of two assessment trips and the team is working on their implementation trip in 2019. 

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