EWB- MN Professional Chapter

Peru Project

Peru Santa Rosa, San Francisco Water Project

Project Name: Santa Rosa, Peru, Chucharras Water Project
Community Name: Yanesha Community
Community Impact: 500 people between the two cities
Project Type: Water Project

Current Problem: The community does not have access to clean water. It has access to multiple water sources and springs, but members of the community are becoming ill due to unsanitary water.

Project Goal: We are designing a stem to bring clean water and water access to both communities, Santa Rosa, and San Francisco. Currently, we are in assessment but we will be investigating building wells, or other catchment systems.

Trips Completed: None so far
Trip phase: Assessment Phase
Future Proposed Trips/ Timeline:  Assessment Trip- Sept 2019


gUatemala ProjecT

Aldea Patzac School Project

Project Name: San Andres Sajcabaja Municipality, Quiche Department, Guatemala

Community Name: Aldea Patzac

Community Impact: 500 people, 44 students, new school will fit up to 60 students

Project Type: Structural School Project

Current Problem: The current adobe school building is experiencing issues due to aging and mild seismic activity. The current building includes two classrooms, and there are children in the community who cannot attend class. Women from the community currently prepare meals for the students under makeshift cover open and fire. The existing latrines are not sanitary and difficult to use when assisting young children.

Community Group/NGO: No NGO, working with EWB USA Guatemala country office.

Project Goal: We are designing a school structure that will be made of concrete. The new building will have three classrooms to allow for an additional classroom for younger children to begin classes, and a kitchen for preparing students' meals. We will also design improved latrines.

Trips Completed: Assessment trip- March 2019

Trip phase: Design and fundraising 

Future Proposed Trips/ Timeline:  Implementation Trip- Nov 2019